Gangasagar Mela, West Bengal.


In a local market at Darjeeling District, West Bengal.


Charak festival at Siliguri, West Bengal.


Gangasagar Mela, West Bengal.


We had a warmhearted talk for one hour and then he blessed me …
A monk in Rumtek Monastery.


A Pandit (Priest) from Maharashtra to Gangasagar Mela, West Bengal.

I’m not your mother !

A old woman in Gangasagar Mela, West Bengal.

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30 Responses to “PORTRAIT”

  1. Goutamendu says:

    Hi Apratim
    Your portraits are outstanding. You are a world class photographer according to me.

  2. satyaki says:

    excellent , looking much better than on flickr.

  3. Excellent collection of portraits,everytime i see your photographs i get lost in them mesmerized by their naturality,you have that unique talent to capture natural moments and present them in a very natural way yet produce such striking imagery.

  4. oochappan says:

    The 4rth and 6th photo I like most, so natural of colors and viewpoint.

  5. Partha Pal says:

    This is simply great.
    so vibrant, so rich and so expressive.

  6. Marji Lang says:

    Love your portraits, they all show great humanity.
    Greetings from Paris,

  7. Andrew Gould says:

    Excellent series of portraits. Stand out work !

  8. Sourav Guha says:

    Hi Apratim,
    You are one of the best in portraits and I plead you to write couple of words on how to take portraits and regarding its post process. your images tells a lot and please elaborate rest in words.That will help others to take good portraits.

  9. Saji Antony says:

    Wow, Great shot there… what texture on her face….

  10. ankeet says:

    Awesome captures… :)

  11. majeed says:

    Hai Sir,


  12. Tanusree says:

    Extraordinary works… spot on precision.
    Keep up the good work please and share with us

  13. Absolutely breathtaking photos! They all convey so much emotion and wow they are just wonderful!

  14. Great shots, I love this style of life photography, can’t quite seem to master it myself though! I especially like the first pic with the three women and their reflections, really nice.

  15. singapurama says:

    Beautiful portraits. I really like the first one of the young boy. keep up the good work.

  16. Amazing pictures! Keep on this beautiful work! Lovely India!
    Dani (Barcelona)

  17. What a beautiful weblog and photographs!! Love it!
    gr. Mirthe

  18. Simon Lister says:

    Wow great portraits Apratim, I love India, sooo rich !

  19. I love your portrait work. I am learning lots of things from your photography work. I want to worked like you and your photography inspire me. I feel lucky that we are friend.

  20. Vishal Arora says:


    Lovely images on this blog.

  21. Your photos deserve to be in National Geographic ! The portraits–especially the first one of the young boy—are more stunning than any photo of a made-up model. Congrats on joining NG and achieving a childhood dream!

  22. N.Poddar says:

    Ek kothay apurvo, Apratim series ta sotyi soundor. Aro onek kichu valo muhurto dhoro, aro kichu valo shot dekhte parle valo lagbe. Dhonyobad bhai. Good work.
    N. Poddar

  23. Amitava Kayal says:

    Excellent sob gulo e .. Apratim Da .. :)

  24. Rahul says:

    Ashadharon,,,,, same thing I will say … these r best portrait I ever seen ,,,, I wonder abt one thing how there is so much clarity ,, Superb Sir ,,,, wish some day I will reach that level.

  25. Swapan Das says:

    Darun darun, jake bole osadharon !

  26. msheci says:

    It was impressive!!!!:)

  27. arijit sarkar says:

    Khub bhalo….fantastic….

  28. Babulal malu says:

    Dear Apratim,

    It was a chance meeting with you & am delighted to have met you. What an awesome collection you have. After you left my office, I immediately logged on to your site & believe me am spell bound by the quality of your photography. Look forward to meet you again !

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